Mobile phones that run out of WhatsApp on February 29: what’s real and why you don’t have to worry

mobile phones that run out of whatsapp on february 29.webp.webp.webp
mobile phones that run out of whatsapp on february 29.webp.webp.webp
As usually happens almost every month, and whenever there is an important change in the seasons of the year, the news of the end of WhatsApp returns to a good number of covers. Because, is there really an end marked for next February 29? The answer is no: Mobile phones that now have WhatsApp will continue to have it in March.

Given that it is an application used by more than 2 billion people around the world, any rumors that circulate around possible problems for WhatsApp users will end up being amplified. Sometimes to tragedy levels, In India they know it well. What if Meta is going to charge again for sending messages, what if it is going to close if we do not forward a message to all our contacts or the most common one, which from a specific date stops working for certain mobile phones.

On Android there have been no changes for four months, on iPhone for almost a year and a half

Whatsapp Smartphone Cover

Given that February is a leap year, and that the 29th is a curious date that only happens once every four years (and that gives a lot of play to conspiracy theories), the rumor of the end of WhatsApp for a collection of old mobile phones has returned with force. . All unfounded since there are no official changes that affect the more than 2,000 million people who use WhatsApp daily.

Meta reviews the minimum system versions, those with which it allows access to its servers, every two years. AND usually switch between Android and iPhone: If one year it has raised the minimum access version for Android, the next it usually does so for the iPhone. This usually happens in October.

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Given these premises, let’s see what the authentic requirements are to access WhatsApp:

  • A minimum of Android 5.0. This requirement has been active since October 24, 2023 and there is no news that it will change in the near future.
  • A minimum of iOS 12.0. Active since October 24, 2022 and with the expectation that WhatsApp will raise said minimum to iOS 14.0 in October 2024. There is no news yet, at the moment it is pure speculation.

There are no changes to the WhatsApp support pages: the latest update of the android section It was in October 2023 and part of iPhone in October 2022. This implies that everything remains the same: February 29 does not mark the end of anything, it is just an invented rumor without any basis. Neither official nor leaked.

We have already seen that there is no mobile phone that has anticipated the end of support: all smartphones that can use WhatsApp today, whether they are Android or iPhone, They will continue to use it in the same way from March. And the list of mobile phones that usually accompanies the rumor of the end of WhatsApp for certain phones is also invented: it has been the same, at least, since December 2022. GizChina It is the medium that invented it and from which it has been copied ever since.

Don’t worry about WhatsApp: you will still have access on March 1, whatever mobile phone you have now

In short: there is no need to worry, because WhatsApp has neither changed nor will it change on March 1. And there is no news on the horizon, everything remains the same despite rumors insisting otherwise.

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