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Mobile apps to learn karate and practice martial arts

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Emerged in the sixteenth century, karate is a traditional martial art whose foundations were taken from Chinese martial arts, as well as others established in Southeast Asia, although to a lesser extent.

Currently, in a world dominated by technology, karate has been one of the few things that has remained intact over time, being used not only as a way to acquire knowledge in self-defense, but also as a means to train the body, mind and spirit.

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However, karate has used technology to make all its fundamentals and techniques available to everyone. This, through apps that can be downloaded from a smartphone. Next, we present you 5 apps to learn karate.

Shotokan Karate WKF

apps to learn karate_karate shotokan

One of the best ways to learn karate is to start from the basics, Shotokan Karate WKF being the appropriate tool for this.

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In it you will find material with which you will learn how to tie your belt on your karate gias well as perform techniques of kumite (sparring), which constitutes an important section within the learning process of karate. Available at this link for android.

Karate Training Techniques

apps to learn karate_karate training techniques

With the help of this application you will feel as if you were inside a martial arts dojo only from home. Through a series of videos, experts in the field will provide you with the fundamentals that govern this discipline.

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It is recommended that you start with first librarywhich corresponds to the basic level and from there go to the fourth library that corresponds to the intermediate level two. Available at this link for android.

Shotokan Karate

apps to learn karate_shotokan karate

With the Shotokan Karate app you will have the opportunity to master the techniques and movements that make up this discipline so that in the end you can effectively execute the techniques and combinations, even the katas, also having training routines that will allow you to reach an optimal physical state. Shotokan Karate is available only for devices this link for android.

Shaolin Kung Fu

apps to learn karate_shaolin kung fu

Another application to learn karate in which you will receive lessons from Dr. Yang who will introduce you to the fundamentals of kung fu; all this through three hours of instructional videos available in english and chinese language.

However, to access all the material available in Shaolin Kung Fu you will need to pay a one-time fee. This app is available on both iOS and Android.

Karate Training

apps to learn karate_karate training

This application to learn karate gives you lessons with which you will learn to correctly execute the official blows of this discipline, as well as punches, kicks and techniques that govern the movements of hands and elbows.

It is worth mentioning that the application will require the payment of a fee to allow you access to all the complete material. Karate Training is available only for Android mobile devices.

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