MIUI 12: detect your snoring, analyze the quality of sleep and program the sleep mode on your Xiaomi

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miui 12: detect your snoring, analyze the quality of sleep

One of the most unknown functions in Xiaomi is the Rest Mode, a function of the MIUI Health app that can only be accessed if we meet a certain requirement. It is one of the most powerful sleep modes on the market, since it is even capable of making recordings of our snoring and telling us at what time of night they were made.

We are going to tell you how to activate sleep tracking on Xiaomi, everything that can be done with this option and how you can configure it to get the most out of it. You will need a mobile updated to MIUI 12 and a couple of minutes to configure it.

How to make sleep mode appear for you

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To make this mode appear you need to have the Health app installed. If you don’t have it installed on your Xiaomi you can always download it safely from APKmirror. In our case, it has also been necessary have an active Xiaomi account, to synchronize said health data. Once you have the Xiaomi account and the Health app installed, you make sure that it will work correctly.

By opening the ‘Sleep’ section we can activate snoring tracking, voice recording included
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Now you just have to open the Health app and go to the ‘Sleep’ section. The first thing we will do is set sleep hours, establishing a time to sleep and another time to wake up. During the sleep period, the mobile will be in ‘Do not disturb’ mode, so that nothing disturbs our sleep.

In addition to activating this option, if you want, you can activate the option to detect snoring, giving microphone permissions to the Health app. During your break, MIUI will record and store your snoring locally, offering later the reproduction of the recordings.

If we have everything active, we will have the most complete sleep reports:

  • Sleep information for the day, week and month
  • Hours of sleep
  • Hours of deep sleep, light sleep, and times we’ve woken up
  • Time we have snored
  • Recordings with snoring

It is quite curious how Xiaomi is able to analyze what a snoring is and record the moment in which we do it. So that they do not take up too much space, we can delete these recordings whenever we want.