MIUI 11: how to remove pre-installed apps to save internal memory in seconds

Miui 11: How To Remove Pre Installed Apps To Save Internal

Let’s talk about a tool to remove many of the pre-installed applications and services in MIUI 11 with a click. The Xiaomi ROM is quite complete, although it comes from the hand of a good number of applications that may not be entirely useful for each type of user.

With this tool, we can eliminate a good part of these applications completely safely, without the need for root and without even restarting the phone. The only requirements are a Xiaomi mobile with the Global ROM and a Windows computer.

Removing many of the pre-installed apps in one click


Xiaomi phones with Global ROM come with all the applications that Google pre-installs on Android and with a series of its own applications. In some cases, we don’t even know they are there as they act as threads, but consume resources, memory and battery of our terminal. With a tool that we have discovered through MIUI.blog, we can eliminate a good part of all these apps in seconds.

We only need a mobile with MIUI 11 in its global version (the one that is officially distributed in Europe) and a Windows computer, everything else comes in the tool folder

We only need a Xiaomi mobile with Global ROM (if your mobile is bought in Europe from an official distributor, it has it) and a Windows computer. The first thing we have to do is activate USB debugging on our mobile, which is within the development options.

Developer Options

In the case of Xiaomi to access these development options we must go to ‘Settings’> ‘On the phone’> ‘MIUI version’ and press until it warns us that the developer options are active. Once activated, you can find them in ‘Settings’> ‘Additional settings’> ‘Developer options’. Within them you must enable USB debugging. This will allow your mobile to communicate with the computer.

Miui Config Using the tool couldn’t be easier. Double click on the file called ‘MIUI Global Debloat’ and voila, it runs automatically.

The tool, which you can download from MIUI.blog has a great operation since it is very well thought out. It is a small folder that includes platform tools so you don’t have to download them on your own. In short, platform-tools It is an Android component that includes all the tools related to the ADB, Fastboot and others. By including them directly, you don’t have to install any kind of driver or anything on your own. Just open the folder and connect the mobile to the computer.

Once connected the mobile to the PC you must give the file called ‘MIUI Global Debloater’. It will ask us to press any key to continue and will delete the services that we detail below.

  • Yandex
  • Emergency data
  • Games
  • Population Alert
  • Easter egg
  • My Credit
  • My Pay
  • My recycle
  • User manual
  • Gmail
  • Google Photos
  • Google Duo
  • Google application
  • Google play music
  • Google Play Movies
  • MIUI Forum
  • Amazon shopping
  • My Remote
  • My Remote Add-On
  • Facebook Services
  • Facebook System
  • Facebook App Manager
  • My roaming
  • My Wallpaper Carousel
  • Netflix telemetry
  • MIUI Analytics
  • MIUI Daemon
  • MIUI MyPicks
  • My Drop
  • Qualcomm telemetry
  • Google Lens
  • Google Talkback
  • Hangouts
  • Amazon telemetry
  • FaceMoji Keyboard Lite
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Please note that the app delete some of the Google apps (at no time the services necessary for the operation of the Gapps) such as Duo, Lens, Play Music, Play Movies or Gmail, so if you used any of them you will have to install them again.

Eye-catching how the application deletes telemetry related services, a little extra step at the level of privacy for users. Similarly, it kills small MIUI processes and apps, some of which don’t even work in Europe, like Mi Pay. As with Google apps, if something we want to keep has been deleted, we just have to download it again.