Mini LED, positive numbers: but the best is yet to come, although Apple will switch to OLED

Due to a smartphone market that performed disastrously in 2022, and the poor state of health of all consumer electronics, the display industry is not having a good time. IS in contrast thoughaccording to DSCC analyses, the subset of mini LEDs: in Q4 2022, 5.6 million units of Mini LED backlit panels were shipped from factories to customers, i.e. manufacturers of TVs, laptops, tablets, etc., up 1% compared to Q4 2021 while, for example, smartphones at the same checkpoint dropped by 18%.

It’s not a growth rate that leaves room for enthusiasm, but relative to the electronics market it’s one of the few statistics, in this period, that doesn’t leave anyone in the business grimacing. Apple absorbed most of the orders: 1.6 million panels with mini LED backlighting in the last quarter of the year for iPad Pro, 2.2 million in the same period for MacBook Pro.

Analysts have also formulated some medium-long term forecasts for the sector:

  • notebooks will be the main growth driver for mini LEDs until 2026, then the sector will be driven by TV and monitors
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro and 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro to Make Major Contributions to Mini LED Shipments Through 2025
    • in 2024 the OLED will arrive on iPad, in 2025 on MacBook Pro: “there will be a major impact on mini LEDs”write the analysts
  • not only Apple, because according to DSCC le shipments of mini LED panels for tablets to zero in 2025 due to widespread adoption of OLEDs.

Considering all the applications of mini LEDs 21.6 million were shipped in all of 2022 (+121% on 2021), and in 2027 when they have already been replaced by OLEDs on tablets and laptops it will still be achieved quota 30.3 million units a year thanks mainly to the towing of televisions and monitors. And that’s not all, because DSCC analysts have noticed that mini LEDs are also starting to be interesting for various sectors: automotive, medical, wearables such as augmented and virtual reality headsets.

In short, the areas of application of mini LEDs are many. As DSCC Director of Taiwan Operations Leo Liu said, “their development really goes beyond imagination”.