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Midjourney launches monthly art magazine created by artificial intelligence

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Midjourney, the famous AI-powered creative tool, has taken a giant leap forward on its path to creating art and has launched a monthly magazine in order to let the community know about the best work generated by its software. However, the launch has generated a number of controversies related to copyright and the legitimacy of machine-generated creativity.

A monthly art magazine generated by artificial intelligence

Midjourney has announced the launch of its monthly magazine featuring a selection of art created by its software and interviews with members of the community. Priced at $4 per issue, the magazine aims to celebrate the creativity and imagination of the community.

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Midjourney’s software generates images from textual descriptions, using technology similar to that of other companies such as Dall-e. The magazine will therefore present a selection of the images generated by the software that have received the highest ratings.

The use of artificial intelligence in art

The use of artificial intelligence in the creation of art has been the subject of controversy in recent years. While some have celebrated the creative potential of the machines, others have questioned the authenticity and originality of the art generated by artificial intelligence.

On the other hand, the copyright issue has arisen in relation to the use of images and data obtained from the web to teach machines to generate art. Getty Images, for example, has filed a lawsuit against Stability AI, the company behind the popular imaging tool Stable Diffusion, accusing it of using more than 12 million of its copyrighted images to teach the tool.

The position of the US Copyright Office.

The US Copyright Office has recently stated that artificial intelligence-generated photographs are not protected by copyright. This has generated even more controversy and has left open the question of whether the creators of the images generated by artificial intelligence, such as those that will appear in Midjourney’s magazine, will receive any type of compensation for their work.

One before and one after

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The launch of Midjourney’s monthly magazine is a major milestone in the development of artificial intelligence and its role in creating art. Although the project has been criticized by some for its lack of authenticity and originality, it has also been enthusiastically received by others who see great creative potential in it.

However, the fact that the generation of images through artificial intelligence is based on data and images of other artists raises important questions about the legitimacy of machine-generated art and its relation to copyright. It is important that these questions are addressed and resolved as artificial intelligence technology continues to develop in the realm of art.

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