miDGT goes up a level to save you a lot of nerves: now it tells you if you passed the exam

midgt goes up a level to save you a lot.webp.webp.webp
midgt goes up a level to save you a lot.webp.webp.webp

The wait between finishing an exam and knowing the results is usually tense, distressing, especially when you have been preparing for the test for months. And this also applies to the driver’s license, which It is not easy to get it out the first time. Are you in that process and want an application that will help you? The miDGT app releases two changes perfectly indicated for you.

The administration applications are significantly increasing the possibilities of those smartphones that have them installed: from all the procedures of My Citizen Folder to the possibility of identifying yourself to the authorities thanks to the driving license included in miDGT. While we wait for the Ministry of the Interior launches the DNI for mobile phones, miDGT continues to present itself as an essential application for drivers. And for those who are in the process of becoming one.

miDGT will be the provisional driving license when you pass the practices

Midgt Exam Notes

The application, dependent on the Ministry of the Interior of Spain, has recently been updated with two new features that are essential if you are on your way to obtaining a driving license: they are going to be very helpful. These changes are the following.

  • miDGT offers you the results of the theoretical exam. Once you finish said theoretical exam, and after waiting one hour from the end, you will be able to see if you approved or not from the mobile application.
  • Your provisional driving license in the miDGT app. That you passed both the theory and the practical? Well, you don’t need to wait to obtain a physical driving license, since in the miDGT application you will have a provisional one valid for driving.

With these two new features, miDGT expands its range of possibilities so that those who have just passed, and those who have just finished taking the exams, save time, waiting and a lot of nerves.

Are you also waiting for the theoretical exam grade or do you want to know it as soon as possible? Install miDGT on your mobile taking advantage of Cl@ve (or the digital certificate obtained with this process) and follow the following steps:

  • Open the mIDGT app.
  • Display the side menu by clicking on the three lines that appear at the top left.
  • Choose “Exam notes».
  • Choose the driving license for which you took the exam and the date of the exam.
  • If an hour has passed after completing the test, miDGT will show you the results directly on the screen.

Both the provisional and final licenses appear when you click on “View license” at the top of the main screen. All changes are already active in miDGT and it is an application valid for both Android and iOS.

We recommend having miDGT installed: apart from serving as identification, it also allows you to always carry vehicle circulation permit; apart from facilitating many other procedures.

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