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Microsoft’s “Recent Websites” feature coming to Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy Book series

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Samsung Electronics is working on new ways to deliver a connected experience that harmonizes the strengths and capabilities of your smartphones, PCs, tablets, watches and more for a truly seamless multi-device ecosystem. One of these new connectivity features is Recent Websites – an update to the Microsoft Mobile Link app, already available across the Galaxy Book series, which allows users to effortlessly continue their smartphone browsing sessions on their PCs.

Recent Websites feature makes the browsing experience smoother and more mobile, ensuring users don’t miss a beat on their productivity.

Galaxy Book users can now access recent sessions from their smartphone with a single click, taking the hassle out of multi-device browsing for comfortable, responsive browsing.

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For example, suppose a user wants to search for something on their phone and opens multiple tabs. At some point, it might be more efficient to open these same tabs on a bigger screen and start working with some PC apps.

With Recent Websites, this task is easier than ever, allowing users to open new tabs without having to go back to check search terms or browsing histories.

To use “Recent Websites”, make sure to link your Galaxy smartphone with Galaxy Book via “Link to Windows” on your phone and the Microsoft Mobile Link app on your PC. Next, open the Microsoft Mobile Link app or the pop-up window on your PC, which will display a list of the websites you’ve recently opened on your smartphone. Clicking on one of these websites will open it directly on your Galaxy Book.

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