Microsoft’s first AI PCs are official: this is the new Surface with a very special key

microsoft's first ai pcs are official this is the new surface with a very special key
microsoft's first ai pcs are official this is the new surface with a very special key

Microsoft has presented its new laptops for professionals and businesses in Spain, which have greater integration with the company’s AI.


The year of the AI ​​PC has begun. Personal computers are possibly facing a great revolution thanks to local Artificial Intelligence. Now, Microsoft has presented its first devices based on this philosophy.

Specifically, the new Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 presented today are based on the latest generation of Intel Core Ultra processors. The key to these new chips is the presence of an NPU, a neural processing unit, capable of executing Artificial Intelligence locally and without necessarily needing to connect to an external server.

Not all Windows 11 AI features will be able to run this way; Copilot still relies on Microsoft servers and the GPT language model, also used by ChatGPT. But some programs are already taking advantage of this ‘hardware’, which is now used in the new Surfaces.

Copilot key arrives

Therefore, the big news about the new Surface is the ability to use these Artificial Intelligence functions, starting with a very curious detail: the new Copilot key . Indeed, one of the requirements that computers that want to be called “AI PC” will have is the presence of a key on the keyboard dedicated exclusively to calling the Artificial Intelligence of Windows 11.

The new key is located right next to the second Alt key , a space that some keyboards already used as a second Windows key; So in that sense, it shouldn’t be difficult for manufacturers to adapt existing designs. In the new Surfaces, the key is present on both the laptop and the type cover.

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An important detail that must be clarified is that the new Surface models presented today are aimed at professionals and companies ; Therefore, they will not be available to the average user, who will have to wait at least until May, when the new consumer devices are expected to be launched. That’s why these devices have the addition ‘for business’ in their name.

This explains why the new Surfaces are tremendously similar to the models launched last year and the year before; They are designs of proven efficiency and do not reinvent the wheel, but that is just what an SME that wants to renew its computers will ask for , for example.

These are the new Surface

The Surface Pro 10 for business demonstrates this, with an identical design to the Surface Pro 9 released last year; and it also does not fulfill the rumors that Microsoft was going to mount an OLED screen, which has probably been left for the consumer model. At least there are improvements to the 13-inch screen, with 33% higher brightness and a new anti-reflective coating.

Inside, it is possible to choose between an Intel Core Ultra 6 135U and a Core Ultra 7 165U, with RAM memory options between 8 GB and 64 GB, and storage that starts at 256 GB and reaches 1 TB. The integrated battery is 48 WHr, and the webcam reaches a resolution of 1440p and is compatible with face unlock with Windows Hello. The Surface Pro 10 for Business has a starting price of 1,399 euros , and will be available in Spain from April 9.

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For its part, the Surface Laptop 6 for business is also similar to the Surface Laptop 5, but in this case Microsoft claims that it has been redesigned from the inside to adapt to the new ‘hardware’. Which in the case of this model can be a Core Ultra 5 135H or a Core Ultra 7 165H, something that already represents a big difference compared to the Surface Pro, thanks to the inclusion of an Intel Arc graphics that should offer superior performance in 3D tasks and even some games.

These chips come with between 8 GB and 64 GB of RAM and up to 1 TB of storage. This model is designed for those who really prefer the traditional design of a laptop, or need the additional power of their processors and GPUs.

Although the design changes are few, they exist. The main one is the addition of another USB-C Thunderbolt 4 port, which will be of great help in many situations; and the same can be said about the card reader, although it will be an option that we will have to choose when configuring the laptop. The Surface Laptop 6 for business has a starting price of 1,399 euros for the 13.5-inch version, and 1,639 euros for the 15-inch version; They will be available in Spain from April 9.