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    Microsoft will solve the excessive consumption of resources of Windows Explorer 11

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    2021 10 09 14 09 41.jpg

    The releases of operating systems are never perfect, although in the case of Microsoft they have been improving version after version. So far, performance problems have been reported with AMD processors in Windows and now news is coming about a heavily used section of the system. This is Windows Explorer 11 which is overconsuming of resources.

    According to what is stated by users, the execution of Windows Explorer generates a significant impact on the availability of system resources. The good news is that Microsoft has accepted the problem and seems to have a solution.

    Windows Explorer 11 and its excessive consumption of resources

    It’s been 4 days since the release of Windows 11, however, we know that the operating system has undergone a number of tests through the Dev and Insider channels. However, it appears that this performance issue was not detected in any of these phases. According to user reports, when running Windows Explorer 11 it can be seen that CPU and Memory consumption exceeds 70%. These types of problems have many factors that affect their presence, however, Microsoft has responded immediately on the matter.

    That is, it is not an isolated problem or some computers that lack the necessary resources to move this apart from the system. The excessive consumption of resources of Windows Explorer 11 is real and we can intuit that Microsoft has accepted it for its communication in the Feedback Hub, the Insiders Channel Opinion Center.

    The company says that Windows 11 build 22454 includes fixes that resolve a couple of issues that were causing Windows Explorer to malfunction. However, it seems that users will have to wait a bit to get this version. We must take into account that all compilations go through the same test controls, so we must wait for their landing on the Dev and Insiders channels.