Microsoft will show you a watermark if you use Windows 11 on an unsupported PC

windows 11 widgets.jpg
windows 11 widgets.jpg

The Microsoft team is testing a new dynamic to inform users that their computer hardware is not compatible with Windows 11.

A new method that will alert users as a watermark, beyond the warnings that we find in other sections of Windows.

New watermark in Windows 11 for unsupported computers

With the release of Windows 11, Microsoft announced the hardware requirements to be compatible with this new version of its operating system. And it even launched a tool that automatically checks if our computer meets the requirements of the new Windows.

However, the Microsoft team let it be known that it would be possible to install Windows 11 on some computers even if they did not meet the requirements. Of course, it is not a method that they recommend, since they do not guarantee that it will work correctly.

So many users have downloaded the Windows 11 ISO file, and taken the risk of starting its installation, even though their computers did not meet the minimum requirements. However, Microsoft will continue to insist if the computer is not compatible with Windows 11.

As The Verge mentions, Microsoft is testing a watermark as a warning that informs the user that the hardware of the computer “is not compatible with the system requirements”.

It is a watermark that you see on the wallpaper, almost similar to the one that Microsoft shows when Windows has not been activated on the computer. At the moment, it is only a test, so there is no certainty about its use in the future. And of course, this doesn’t mean that Microsoft is beginning to limit features or apply restrictions on those computers with hardware “not compatible” with Windows 11.

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