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Microsoft will change the way you view PowerPoint presentations on iOS


If you use the PowerPoint app on iOS, you know that it’s not always convenient to edit or view a presentation on a mobile device.

To fix this, Microsoft is testing a feature so that you have a new display mode that makes it easier for you, without having to resort to other tools. We tell you what it is about.

PowerPoint on iOS will let you choose the orientation mode

The PowerPoint mobile app has many functions that allow us to create and edit a presentation. And of course, it also gives the possibility of inviting other people to collaborate with our project, be it our work team or a school assignment.

However, editing our presentation can be complicated on a small screen. And even more if we take into account that we usually take the mobile vertically, leaving the display of the slides and menu functions very uncomfortable.

And since the vertical orientation is not the most appropriate way to appreciate the details of a presentation, we have to rotate the mobile screen. So that this does not continue to be a problem, and you do not have to change the orientation of the mobile, Microsoft is testing a new Portrait mode.

That is, you can choose landscape or portrait mode when you play a presentation. An option that you will find in the top menu, under the “Orientation” section. So you can choose a horizontal or vertical display to view the PowerPoint presentation, according to your criteria.

One detail to keep in mind is that this option may vary depending on the device we are using, be it an iPhone or an iPad, but the dynamics will be the same. This new PowerPoint feature is currently being tested with Office Insiders, so it may take time for it to be implemented in the stable version.