Microsoft will bring Game Pass to Nvidia’s GeForce Now service to stream games from the cloud


In addition to introducing the new Xbox Series S console variant, Microsoft also announced this past Sunday that Game Pass subscribers will soon be able to access a number of select game titles through Nvidia GeForce NOW.

At first it may sound striking that Microsoft opens the doors for some of the Xbox games to also be able to run on a rival platform, which also offers better technical conditions than its own cloud gaming service.

Fruit of an agreement at the beginning of the year

The answer is found in the fact that, at the beginning of the year, Microsoft reached a ten-year licensing agreement for Xbox PC games with Nvidia in order to allow antitrust regulators to give it the go-ahead. good to the Activision Blizzard acquisition, including access to Activision Blizzard titles if the acquisition is approved.

As we now know, Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard has not been possible as UK regulators understand that this would be detrimental to cloud gaming competition.

In yesterday’s announcement, Microsoft specifies that:

This will allow the PC Game Pass catalog to play on any device GeForce NOW streams to, including low-spec PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, mobile, TVs, and more, and we’ll be rolling it out in the coming months.

Games Pass games with GeForce NOW performance

Remember that this is a selection of titles, not the entire catalogue. In any case, subscribers will be able to take advantage of the technical advantages of the Nvidia GeForce NOW subscription tiers to enjoy a superior experience, especially if they are part of the GeForce NOW RTX 4080 tier, which offers a great advantage with regarding Microsoft’s cloud gaming service.

This also means that Game Pass subscribers will also be able to access and play titles in different ways than they have previously done thanks to the extensive presence of Nvidia’s cloud gaming platform.

New titles will be arriving annually

And over time, logically, new titles will arrive every year, so the entertainment offer will increase, although there is still a need to continue challenging technology to make it possible to continue taking more PC games to the cloud.

All that remains is for the implementation to arrive for the use and enjoyment of users, although this movement places the Nvidia platform in style when it comes to game streaming services in the cloud, let’s remember that last week Ubisoft Connect integration announced.

More information/Image Credit: Xbox News

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