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Microsoft will allow players to disable Xbox Series X|S Quick Resume

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Xbox Division Chief Phil Spencer said his team is looking into a way for players to be able to disable the Quick Resume feature on the Xbox Series X|S.

It allows users to keep a number of games suspended for quick restart and is considered one of the most peculiar features of Microsoft’s new consoles. In March, the company released an update with improvements to Quick Resume.

If a suspended game from Quick Resume is loaded again, it will put players back where they left off in a few seconds. However, not all games support the functionality, which ends up causing errors, especially when there is a need to connect to an online server.

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Often, players from titles like PUGB, FIFA and even Halo Infinite report problems reconnecting when using Quick Resume and end up manually closing the title to end the suspended state and restarting it completely.

Twitter user GabeTC99 said he doesn’t understand why the feature can’t be turned off, noting the problems this has with online games.

To the surprise of many, the boss of the Xbox division responded to the player’s question and said it was a great question. He assured that this will be reviewed and put on his team list, but did not give a timeframe for its implementation.

Last year, 343 Industries warned players not to use Quick Resume in Halo Infinite because it could result in the loss of cosmetic items, but the bug has been fixed. However, other problems with the online connection to the functionality persist.

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