Microsoft will add a touch of color to the Windows 11 task manager

task manager 1000x600.jpg
task manager 1000x600.jpg

The task manager (Task Manager) was one of the most improved internal components in Windows 10. If the average user knows it for functions such as ending a frozen application, its uses go much further as we saw in this user guide and in the hands of professionals or medium-advanced users it is very useful for thoroughly check the operation of the PC or solve some problems arising from its use.

Windows 11 probably didn’t need as many new features as those that arrived in the previous version, but like all other components, Microsoft is preparing various improvements that in this case focus more on the visual environment. We have already seen the change of the tabs in favor of menus on the left side, new dark mode, efficiency mode and new icons, and now we have another change that you are looking for improve customization of use colors. Microsoft has shown it off in one of the Windows Insiders webcast and is expected to bring it to test builds soon.

For years, the Task Manager’s area of ​​use has maintained a mustard yellow color that keeps poorly tuned to interface changes implemented with the language Fluent Design and on which Microsoft is renewing both the system interface and the internal applications and tools such as the one at hand.


The idea is that they are more consistent with the general design of the operating system and for this, Microsoft is introducing changes in the Windows 11 task manager so that the user can select their favorite colors to use which will be the ones selected in the colors section of the personalization page of Windows 11. Microsoft showed how you can change to pink, red, orange, blue and even white, and highlighted how the color palettes are integrated into a new dark mode implemented for this tool.


The Task Manager will keep the same heat map method that we know so far, with whatever color we select. That is, shades more light for less intensive processes and darker for heavier system loads, one of the main functions of the application.

Microsoft will add a touch of color to the task manager of Windows 11 29

Windows 11 has its virtues, but not a customization prodigy neither was Windows 10 and often you have to use third-party applications to leave it to everyone’s taste. Therefore, any change that favors more customization and a better user experience is welcome. The changes will be available in upcoming Insider Test builds.

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