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Microsoft wants to improve the quality of audio and graphics drivers for Windows 11 and 10

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Microsoft has announced changes to its driver evaluation policy for Windows. As explained on its official blog last week, the developer will adopt a verification format that promises to reduce platform failures when playing multimedia content, ensuring more performance and stability for operating systems.

Graphics drivers will see a specific improvement to help identify problems accessing copyrighted content, such as movies on the Netflix app. The goal is to prevent catalog reloading, which can cause errors in the timeout of a process on streaming platforms that have Software Digital Rights Management (SWDRM).

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To improve the audio drivers, the new measures focus on the APO (Audio Processing Object) architecture. Current policies state that if the feature fails ten times in a row, the Windows Audio service disables APO, but this can fool the driver’s reliability test.

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With this, Microsoft will start to analyze the cases of APO deactivation in a period of seven days and compare the data to the time in which the device played audio, allowing a more complete measurement and better quality control in third-party drivers.

Windows 11 and Windows 10 will be the only ones that will receive the improvement, after all, only these versions are officially supported by Microsoft. Big tech stopped releasing feature and security updates for Windows 8.1 on January 10, 2023.

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