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Microsoft tests an improvement to the tab grouping feature in Edge

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Users with the version of Microsoft Edge currently available on the Canary channel are already enjoying the news that sooner or later will reach other users, highlighting an improvement in the tab grouping function, launched two years ago, with the arrival of the option “group similar tabs”.

For now, this option will focus on the title of the tabs to carry out the grouping, although its dynamics may change in the future to accommodate other possible aspects where title similarity is not feasible or effective.

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Improving the ability to organize tabs, and more

Along with this option comes “group of similar tabs” within the tab actions menu, located in the upper left part of the browser window itself. And to enhance the sidebar, the “Find on page” function has a new option that allows you to open its function directly within the sidebar, although to return to the previous situation, just press the “Collapse view” button on the bottom.

And finally, in the same version available on the Canary channel, Microsoft is adding “Open suggestion in sidebar” options and the ability to automatically enable Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode on websites with videos.

From now until the stable version is launched, these new features may undergo changes along the way according to the results that have been observed among users who already have access to them, in order for them to be fully functional when the current Canary version goes live. be finally stable version.

Edge, one of Microsoft’s most pampered products

Microsoft has been serious about being the alternative to Google in a variety of arenas, including in the realm of web browsers, where while Edge is based on Google’s Chromium, Microsoft intends to offer a different offering than what Google offers with Chrome. .

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Over time we will learn about other improvements, although it must also be taken into account that part of the functions are exclusively aimed at users in the United States, as is the case of the price variation tracking capabilities, so it is worth noting more in those aspects that can reach a global level.

Via/Image Credit: Leopeva64-2 on Reddit

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