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Microsoft Teams will let you delete chats that are not relevant with this new option

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If the conversations of the Microsoft Teams chats are flooding your account, the new option that will arrive shortly will serve you.

A new option that will allow you to delete conversations that are not relevant, either because they are old chats, closed topics or occasional messages.

Teams will let you delete chat threads that aren’t relevant

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One of the functions that is expected to arrive shortly in Microsoft Team is the one that will allow you to mention all the participants in a group with the classic @everyone. An option that we have found on most similar platforms for a long time, but that Microsoft has not yet integrated into Teams.

However, it is not the only option that is on the way to improve the dynamics of Teams. If we take a look at Microsoft’s roadmap, a new feature is under development that will allow you to delete entire conversations from chat.

So if you only want to leave recent conversations or the ones that are relevant to the current project, you will be able to do it without problems in your account. You will be able to delete chat threads by applying a simple action, and thus have a chat free of spam or obsolete information.

And of course, the changes you make to conversations won’t change the chat view of the rest of your team. At the moment, this new option is under development, but with the release date scheduled for December. So it will be a matter of waiting a few weeks to see this new dynamic available in our Microsoft Teams account.

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One detail to keep in mind is that this change will only apply to Mac and the desktop version for Windows. Perhaps next year the possibility of having this option from the Microsoft Teams mobile app, both iOS and Android, will be added.

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