Microsoft Teams will have new options for work meetings

Microsoft Teams will add new calendar options that will make it easier for users to schedule meetings with co-workers.

So that there is no confusion or you have to rush to a meeting, Teams will allow you to reflect your availability on your calendar.

New options in Microsoft Teams for scheduled meetings

Video calls and remote meetings have already become part of the daily activities of teamwork. Whether for those who continue to work from home or for those teams that have migrated to a hybrid work model.

And Microsoft Teams has been one of the tools that has been kept up to date to meet the needs of users taking into account different contexts.

We have already seen that it has added a practical dynamic to manage automatic recordings without affecting storage space, added audio functions using machine learning, among many other options in recent months.

And Microsoft is also improving its dynamics by expanding some details that can make scheduling meetings easier. For example, one of the features under development promises to make it easier for users to set a status so the rest of the team knows if you’re available for a future meeting.

As mentioned in the Microsoft roadmap, Teams will allow users to set whether they are busy to attend a meeting, free, or OOF (out of office). States that can be reflected in the Microsoft Teams calendar.

On the other hand, the hosts will be able to mark a meeting as private so that the details are not shared with other users when it is marked on the calendar. All these new options are under development, but according to the roadmap, they could be available for launch in the month of June.