Microsoft Teams will change the way you see presentations in meetings

microsoft teams 1.jpg
microsoft teams 1.jpg

Microsoft Teams will fix one of the issues users face when they have to watch a PowerPoint presentation in video calls.

This is a new function that each user can use when necessary, without affecting the rest of the participants.

Teams adds a new feature to view PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint presentations are essential in work meetings… whether to present a project, solve a problem, analyze the status of an area, product statistics, data comparisons…

However, in a virtual environment, presentations can’t always be seen in detail, and participants end up missing important information, either because the text is blurry or too small to follow on our screen.

Microsoft Teams wants to fix that problem with a new feature that will let users zoom in on presentation slides. Zoom can be used by presenters to give more emphasis to a specific area of ​​the slide, or to individual participants.

In the case of the participants, they will be able to use this function in private, so each time they zoom in on a slide it will not affect the rest of the meeting attendees. And of course, beyond helping us not to lose details of the presentation, this function can also become a tool to avoid visual fatigue.

This feature is currently in development, so you won’t find it in your Teams account. According to Microsoft’s roadmap, it could be launched in November and would be implemented in the web version, desktop version, Mac and apps for iOS and Android.

Recall that in recent months, Microsoft has released a series of tools that improve the experience when creating and viewing presentations with PowerPoint, and some of them will come to Teams.