Microsoft Teams will allow you to have secret meetings with its new function

If you want to have meetings outside of your work obligations from Microsoft Teams, you can try the new feature of the app.

This is a new function that will allow you to have meetings that will not be scheduled or shown to the rest of your team. We tell you what it is about.

New Microsoft Teams feature to have secret meetings

Microsoft continues to improve Teams with features that meet the communication needs of users in their workspace.

We have already discussed dozens of features that are being added in their updates so that meetings can be customized to each workflow. And many of them are dedicated to a hybrid work model.

And now it is adding a new function that will be useful for those occasions in which you want to have a meeting outside of work commitments, without changing the app. A feature that Microsoft Teams calls “offline meetings”, and that will allow you to have a meeting “without leaving a trace”.

How to use the new Teams feature for “offline meetings”

Although scheduling and attending this type of meeting follows the same dynamics that we already know, when the user uses this function they will have to deactivate the “online” option. That way, Microsoft Teams won’t automatically generate a link for the meeting.

On the other hand, Teams will not create conversation threads, nor will any details of this meeting be recorded. So the meeting will only exist for the attendees, but no records will be left.

A dynamic that can be used to catch up with a co-worker, beyond work issues, prepare a presentation with another team member, report any difficulty to the boss, etc.

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According to the Microsoft Teams roadmap, this new feature should already be rolling out on its desktop and Mac version, as it is scheduled to roll out this month.