Microsoft Teams is updated by incorporating a walkie-talkie function in your …

walkie talkie microsoft teams iphone.png
walkie talkie microsoft teams iphone.png

It took two years for Microsoft to debut a walkie-talkie feature for its messaging and video calling app, Microsoft Teams. If you use this app to communicate with your family or for work, you can now use this function on all your iOS devices.

A once valued feature now comes through Microsoft Teams

How many times did we not play from a very young age to communicate with radios through walkie-talkies? Now things are changing and it has become a communication tool that can be useful for everyone. Microsoft justifies this launch for frontline workers. So they can enjoy clear, instant and secure communication at their fingertips.

“To face constraints from labor shortages and supply chain disruptions, they want technology that saves them time. Technology that helps them communicate more fluently and maximizes their efficiency when completing repetitive tasks. “ It is what can be read in the following blog post at Microsoft.

Historically, the company with which Apple has competed the most indicates that the function is easy to use and therefore you can communicate with any contact. You just have to press and hold the button to speak.

A function as existing as in the Apple Watch

It is true that not all iPhone users have an Apple Watch, however, it is a function that has gone from more to less. Since watchOS 5, between Apple Watch contacts it is possible to establish communication with the same walkie-talkie function. Similarly, Slack offers an option called Huddle. It is a voice chat that you only have to press a button to finish. Options exist but they have not really been taken advantage of by users due to ignorance or lack of use.

Will the Microsoft Teams walkie-talkie be used? Let’s not rule it out because it is widely used software at the business level. Communication of messages will be faster than sending a text message. For urgent notifications or notifications it could work very well.

This update is now available for both iPhone and iPad, Zebra brand phones and Android devices. Do you use Microsoft Teams? Tell us about your experience with this app in the comment box.