Microsoft Teams introduces sign language view for meetings


Microsoft just introduced the arrival of the sign language view feature for Microsoft Teams meetings, by which deaf people or people with different hearing difficulties who participate in the meetings will be able to better follow everything that is said in them.

This function allows them set up to a maximum of two interpreters on your experience within Teams meetings without affecting the experience of the rest of the participants, having the interpreters placed in the center of the screen, with high-quality images and with the appropriate aspect ratio to make it possible to follow the meetings through the language of signs.

Promoting inclusivity in organizations

This function it can be activated either individually by meeting or make it a permanent function for the meetings in which you participate.

Now, it must be borne in mind that Microsoft is not going to provide interpreters in its service, instead it must be the organizations that decide to have their own interpreters or go to third parties.

If interpreters are already available, they can be previously designated for meetings, although if external interpreters are used, they can be designated in already active meetings in the Accessibility tab of the configuration options.

Microsoft Teams It will also allow other meeting participants to be pinned or highlighted at the center of their experiences without affecting the tracking of interpreter communications..

When sharing the content, the images of the performers will change their position although they will continue to maintain a high quality and a large size with respect to the fixed participants.

Also included in today’s announcement is a new accessibility settings panel where to activate the new function as well as other accessibility functions, such as subtitles. Both the new sign language view feature and the new panel are now in public preview for end users, with commercial and government customers rolling out over the next few weeks, Microsoft says.

These novelties are the beginning of the new experiences that will arrive based on the contributions of the community instead of being specified by the developers of the company.

More information: Microsoft

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