Microsoft Teams has a new option to avoid interruptions in video calls

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Microsoft Teams is adding a new option that will prevent late guests from interrupting the meeting.

And of course, it will also serve to block entry to any user who wants to join a meeting in progress.

New Microsoft Teams feature to manage meetings

Microsoft Teams already has several options that allow you to keep out trolls or users who want to join a meeting without an invitation. However, there was no dynamic to block invitees from entering when the meeting started.

And although a few minutes after the hour is usually tolerated, when the meeting begins to develop it is uncomfortable for the speaker and it distracts the participants to see that people continue to add. To avoid these situations, Microsoft Teams is adding a new feature.

The new Microsoft Teams feature, which is now available in the desktop application, is called “lock meeting”, as mentioned in OnMSFT. So organizers can use this option to block late attendees from entering the meeting.

When this action is taken, attendees who follow the link to join the video conference will find a message informing that the meeting is locked, so no one will be able to join. Of course, administrators can unlock the meeting at any time.

One detail to keep in mind is that this feature only includes blocking the meeting in progress, but does not prevent invited users from accessing the chat, video conference recording or any material that has been shared.

So those who could not enter still have the ability to catch up on the content of the meeting if they have automatic recording or transcription of the video conference.

An excellent dynamic both for work meetings and for educational classes.