Microsoft Teams brings simultaneous interpretation to meetings

Microsoft Teams is rolling out a new feature intended for international teams and multinational companies.

A feature that will facilitate communication in meetings where interpreters are needed for hearings in different languages.

Microsoft brings simultaneous interpretation to Teams

Microsoft Teams is adding a new dynamic to meetings that require interpreters.

The Microsoft team wants this process to be as simple as possible, with no interruptions or awkward moments. And for that, it is implementing the “simultaneous interpretation” function.

Our language interpretation feature will allow professional interpreters to convert the speaker’s message into another language without interrupting the speaker’s original flow or delivery. This simultaneous interpretation will lead to more inclusive meetings, where participants who speak different languages ​​can fully collaborate with each other.

With this feature, the speaker will not have to wait for the interpreter to finish translating a part of the audience that speaks another language. Both will be able to speak simultaneously without being interrupted. And if there are multiple interpreters, it gives users the freedom to join the meeting in the language of their choice.

To use this option, organizations simply go to “Meeting Options” and invite the interpreter to join the meeting. Once the interpreter joins the meeting and she can start her work, without the need to go through any extra configuration. And following the same dynamic, the administrator can invite several interpreters to translate in different languages.

As for users, when they join they will be able to choose the language they want to hear during the meeting. This way, they will be able to hear the interpreter at a higher volume than the speaker on their main channel. This new dynamic is available for scheduled meetings, webinars, and meetings with up to 1,000 participants.