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Microsoft Teams adds a new mode for smaller video calls, in ‘petit committee’

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With the arrival of the pandemic and teleworking, video calling applications proliferated to maintain communication with co-workers, departments and clients. So platforms like Zoom, Teams or Meet started a mad race to allow more and more people to participate at the same time, reaching unimaginable numbers a few years ago of thousands of users at the same time. So once those apps have been able to reach the highest limit that their services are capable of supporting, some have decided to look down and focus on perfecting small video calls, so that they are as friendly as possible in case we just connect. two, three or four people. What has been a small committee-and-bus-eireann-made-a-mess-of-a-gaeltacht-placename/">committee meeting where a certain warmth and closeness is appreciated to create a unique atmosphere while we chat. Activate the “together” mode And that is precisely what microsoft has just shown within Teams, a new together mode that will turn those small meetings into more welcoming and comfortable places to communicate, especially within the family environment, segment in the one that those of Redmond want to scratch some presence to other solutions such as Google Meet (within Workspace) or Zoom itself. Now, when we activate this together mode within the Microsoft Teams menu, the application will take our image and insert it into a virtual setting that could well be a park, a field, a design cafeteria or an NBA stadium: precisely, The North American Basketball League has used this technology on several occasions to show fans in the empty stands of the stadiums of the edition held in the Disney World bubble last year. These virtual environments will give a casual touch to the meetings, which could focus their arrival at the personal and family level, when we decide to gather a few people around video calls who have come to stay. Especially if we continue to think that the coronavirus has already left and containment measures return with new limitations in our movements. At the moment this mode is available to test within the so-called beta channel of Microsoft Teams, so we will very surely have it among us in the coming weeks. After the summer? Well, quite possibly for the next course, when educational and business activity (although not personal, that never rests) returns to normal.

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