Microsoft stands up to Photoshop by renewing this legendary Windows editing tool

microsoft stands up to photoshop by renewing this legendary windows.jpg
microsoft stands up to photoshop by renewing this legendary windows.jpg

Paint receives improvements

Photo editing lovers are in luck, as Microsoft is getting to work to renew one of the most emblematic applications since the birth of Windows, and it is nothing more and nothing less than Paint. The latest updates have brought substantial improvements that increase the user experience, even comparing it with some functions that Photoshop incorporates. In the following lines we explain all the new features of this legendary tool.

Surely you have ever used Paint for any task, whether to modify the size of a photo, make your own creation, save files in JPG format, etc. Since its creation in 1985, this drawing and editing application It was pretty basic. and it barely implemented features as refined as Photoshop or other similar programs. But with the release of Windows 11, this is going to change.

Microsoft wants to take advantage of the new improvements introduced in Windows 11, as it has recently done with its new Artificial Intelligence, in such a way that its next objective is to redesign and increase the experience of its most representative tools. And Paint, until now, was a bit abandoned, but as of Much more comprehensive support will now be provided.

Paint receives new updates

Windows 11 users will soon be able to access the latest updates that Microsoft has included in its Paint editing tool. But first, the first to test these changes will be the Canary and Dev developer channels through the latest version of Paint for Windows 11 11.2402.32.0which is packed with innovative techniques such as layers, transparency, a dark mode, and removing backgrounds from images.

Paint receives improvements

Size Slider

In the North American company’s blog you can see that they have been improving brush size selection with a new slider for pen, brushes and eraser options. This way, you can choose the size you want and preview it while using the slider to draw on the canvas.

New Layers and Hide Background icons

On the other hand, the layers are also receiving modifications by including a novel method that will establish the canvas background color. To know how it works, you must first open the new enabled panel, called Layers, and click on the Background button or use the Ctrl + Shift + B key combination as a shortcut to do the test, and then open the Color picker menu to change the background tone. You can also click the icon Hide background or press the Ctrl + Shift + H keys to show the background or remove it permanently.

Copy visible layers

The last of the additions is the possibility of copy and paste all visible content between layers. To do this, select an area using the selection tool and open the context menu or use the Ctrl + Shift + C keys to invoke it. Use Ctrl + C to copy the current layer. If what you want is to paste it, you must apply Ctrl + V.

As we have indicated previously, all of these mechanics are currently in the testing phase, therefore, it is expected that when the final touches are made, it will be available to everyone.

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