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Microsoft says it won’t stop selling games in favor of Game Pass

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Microsoft is still struggling to get approval for the acquisition of Activision Blizzard and amid Sony’s accusations and the defense of the Redmond giant, we ended up discovering several interesting facts about the backstage of the video game industry.

One of the main concerns of Sony and some regulatory bodies is the possibility of Sony restricting franchises like Call of Duty to the Xbox ecosystem and ending up limiting them to Game Pass, taking away from consumers the right to choose and consume options.

In a new interview with The Verge, Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s games division, said that Xbox does not intend to stop selling games that are provided by Game Pass.

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In his statement, Spencer elaborates, saying that the subscription service is an “interesting” business model for some games and helps diversify players’ game choices. Gamers who buy and own games are still a core part of the company’s business.

We don’t have this view of everyone paying us $15 a month. We think subscription is an interesting business model for certain types of games and for certain customers. I really look at diversifying how people build their library of games or how creators reach the customers they want to reach with the content they create. It will always be part of the business, as I see it. I think the people who buy and own their games will be an important part of the business for years to come.

It is worth remembering that many developers are against releasing their games directly on Game Pass, as this is not as profitable as the current model. In his statement, Spencer aims not only to reassure regulators that they don’t intend to make sweeping changes, but also to reassure developers about their profits.

So, do you think that game sales should definitely end in favor of subscription platforms?

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