Microsoft removes three Windows services for security reasons

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Microsoft is not usually a friend of remove features from your operating system unless there are good reasons for it. And, if they end up with a feature, it is usually after a lot of thought. That is why it is surprising that, in the latest platform update, they have eliminated three Windows functions. However, there was a good reason for this.

Although the Microsoft offices have not spoken about it with a statement, nor have they mentioned it on their social networks or anywhere else, users they are always on top of everything. One of them, as we later showed you with X’s message from him, was the one who found the discovery.

They have their days numbered

What Microsoft has done is incorporate these functions into the list of deprecated features, which is published publicly on its website. All three are marked within the latest Windows update and are expected to stop working soon.

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The following features have been added to Windows’ deprecated features
Computer Browser
Webclient (WebDAV)
Remote Mailslots

November 6, 2023 • 15:02



Exactly the three features that Microsoft has “cut off” have been Computer Browser, Webclient (WebDAV) Service and Remote Mailslots. All of them are within the deprecated update November 2023 following the path that other features have taken, such as Vbscript, which entered this list in the month of October or even, recently, the classic Wordpad.

What does this mean?

As we indicated, all these functions will stop working sooner or later. In the case of Remote Mailslots, Microsoft is aware, as stated in the text accompanying the update, that it is a type of technology that has become very obsolete. In addition, they mention that it is an IPC (interprocess communication) method that is insecure and, on the other hand, untrustworthy. Therefore, they have no doubt that it is best to get rid of it, which is why it will end up disappearing from all future versions of Windows. The origin of this technology dates back to the times of MS DOS, so it is logical that the company has decided to shelve it and that it is no longer present on its platform.

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They also agree that the Computer Browser driver and protocol is insecure and has become obsolete over the years. In reality, the decision to discontinue this was made a long time ago, given that back in the days of Windows 10 it was a feature that was not enabled by default. Now Microsoft has seen that it is time to make the complete disconnection and eliminate it. Lastly, there would be WebDAV, a service that is no longer activated in Windows without the user doing it manually. No exact reasons have been given for its entry into disuse, but it is to be imagined that they are along the same lines as the previous ones.

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Microsoft continues to try to ensure that its operating system provides the best performance and can satisfy all users. Some of the tools and services that have been removed In recent years they have had some controversy, like Cortana, especially after the large investment that was made in the application, but if the reasons are related to security, it should be something free of discussion. In the case of these three services that we have told you about, Microsoft’s decision is so recent that even, for now, they still do not appear on the list of deprecated features of the Spanish version.

It is possible that, on the other hand, this is not the last round of tools that go into disuse this year 2023. In recent months Microsoft has been very active disconnecting services and there is the possibility of that they still have something in their hands for the month of December. Users, of course, cross their fingers hoping that none of their favorite programs or apps become obsolete.

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