Microsoft releases new Windows 11 update to fix failed installations and more changes

microsoft releases new windows 11 update to fix failed installations.jpg
microsoft releases new windows 11 update to fix failed installations.jpg

Windows 11 updates errors

Microsoft has gone to work to solve all the errors reported by its users during the security updates that were released in Windows 11 last February, causing performance problems and constant failures on computers. This new batch of corrections is now available for download, but it brings with it new important changes aimed at complying with European legislation.

During the past month, many users experienced various errors in the operation of their computers due largely to the installation of recent updates that Microsoft introduced in its Windows 11 operating system. However, the North American company wanted to amend this situation with the implementation of a new update that corrects one of the errors that has caused the most headaches in recent days.

Microsoft ends failed installations

After a long wait, Patch Tuesday finally arrived, specifically on March 12, and Microsoft has had to work hard to resolve the altercations it committed during the release of its latest updates. Thus, users have had to deal with the problem of blocking the installation of patches, which remained stuck in 96% of the entire process, with an error message known as the code 0x800F0922:

«Something didn’t go as planned. No need to worry: undo the changes. Keep your computer on ».

In this way, the security patch KB5035853 for Windows 11 22H2 and 23H2 yesterday arrived at the best time to solve this error. However, they have also included new improvementssuch as the arrival of support for the 80 Gbps USB standard, additions to the snipping tool to edit photos and captures from your Android device or the fix to the problem that occurred when the system went into sleep mode when connecting an external device, among others.

The KB5035853 update should install automatically, although if not, you can download it manually by going to Settings, Windows Update and clicking on the check for updates button. You will then be able to verify that the update is ready to download and install.

Windows 11 updates errors

Compliance with the new European DMA legislation

Quietly, the software and hardware developer has implemented updates regarding the DMA (Digital Markets Law), the new legislation that came into force on March 6 with great force to implement certain requirements for large technology corporations, such as Apple and Microsoft.

In this case, Chris Nelson, head of the DMA’s Compliance Function, noted that Windows 10 and Windows 11 have to obey the new standards imposed by Europesuch as improving uninstallation of Windows apps from the Edge browser, making it easier for third-party developers to create news feeds in the Windows widget panel, or removing automatic sign-in for Microsoft products and services ( weather, news, location, etc.).

At the moment, these changes only affect the countries of the European Union, since it seems unlikely that these developments will be implemented in other markets if it is not necessary.

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