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Microsoft releases handwriting mode in latest update to SwiftKey for iOS

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Talking about keyboards in ios is now possible. Apple made up its mind and opted to open up its system so that developers could implement keyboards on iOS. Something very similar to the experience that we can find on Android. And Microsoft has its own keyboard, SwiftKey, which can be downloaded from both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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After becoming part of Microsoft, the developers of SwiftKey have continued to improve their app and now it’s time for the iOS version. The keyboard that can be used in iOS is now compatible with one-handed mode to facilitate writing on the screen.

Easy writing

One Hand Keyboard

Microsoft has released a new SwiftKey keyboard update, a version that can now be downloaded from the App Store. This is version 2.7.9 and it brings improvements such as support for 400 new languages, but above all by providing the keyboard with one hand.

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This type of keyboard makes it easier to write on the screen especially on large diagonals and in the case of iOS, this mainly affects the “large” iPhone, the so-called iPhone Max or Plus.

The one-handed keyboard in SwiftKey what it does is move the usual keyboard to one side or the other of the screen, to adapt to left and right-handed users. On one of the sides what it does is leave an empty space, the result of the compression of the keys.

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For enable, one-handed keyboard just enter the SwiftKey keyboard and hold the Emoji key for a few seconds. At that time a selector appears to choose between Emoji mode or “One-handed mode”. Returning to “normal” mode is as easy as clicking on the small arrow that appears on the side of the screen.

Microsoft SiwftKey keyboard

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