Microsoft regrets and solves one of the latest Windows controversies

microsoft regrets and solves one of the latest windows controversies.jpg
microsoft regrets and solves one of the latest windows controversies.jpg

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Microsoft has made another one of those decisions that are annoying users and this time it is even heavier than the previous ones. For a few days, the company has added a mandatory survey every time you try to close OneDrive on your computer. Is the Windows company going too far when it comes to assaulting users with pop-ups, notifications, and questions?

When a poll was recently introduced in Edge that appears when you’re in the middle of installing Chrome, there were mixed feelings. Some people were upset to see how Microsoft was invading their free will and making decisions that had not been considered until now. But that survey was optional. What they have tried in this case it was mandatory. What happened?

Why do you close OneDrive?

This survey has been enabled on many, but not all, of your users’ Windows computers. The company itself says that It has been only in a group from them. And they justify that it was an initiative to gather information. However, there is no denying that it all sounds a little strange. What Microsoft was doing was, when you tried to close OneDrive, ask you why you were closing the tool.

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By @TarasBuria – Do you remember Microsoft Edge asking you to answer a poll before downloading Chrome? A similar thing is now plaguing OneDrive users: It won’t let you quit the app without telling Microsoft why first. #Microsoft #OneDrive

November 10, 2023 • 16:02



If you didn’t choose a reason, you couldn’t close, so it was a mandatory survey. The different options you could choose from included reasons like “I don’t want OneDrive running all the time,” “I don’t use OneDrive,” or “I’m trying to speed up my computer.” There were also others that weren’t so logical, like “I don’t know what OneDrive is.” It wasn’t a bad survey, but having to answer every time you wanted to close the program It was very heavy for those who were suffering.

Using OneDrive is not convenient

The Windows community has been upset and irritable with the use of OneDrive for some time. There are many problems that accumulate and the obligation to answer a survey did not end up helping. We wouldn’t be surprised if a good number of users selected “I don’t use OneDrive”, since it is quite common. Maybe you don’t use this cloud storage service or you simply don’t use any type of cloud. But even then, OneDrive still runs every time you reboot your computer, so it is quite heavy.

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No less important, we must not forget that, although you can uninstall OneDrive, it is most likely that the next time you update Windows, which happens frequently, you will recover the program again. So, to a certain extent, it is a never ending story. The only convenient thing we can do is use the Task Manager to carry out the closure of the tool. But it is obvious that it is not the best option either, since, as we said, you have to do it every time you restart the computer. However, this option is better than entering the program and looking for the place from which to close. The reason is that Microsoft has hidden the system for closing OneDrive so much that, until you learn it by heart, it will cost you a lot.

We know that Microsoft wants you to use its cloud and make it part of your daily computer experience, but the methods it is choosing maybe they are a little excessive. The survey has only been available for a few days until Microsoft decided to withdraw it, but it should be taken into account as something that the company has tried and that, who knows, they could do again. In their publication they do not imply that it was a mistake or that they regret it, although the statement sent to The Verge just at the moment in which the information was spreading, is curious to say the least.

OneDrive Shutdown Notice

Right now, if you try to exit OneDrive, the only thing you will see will be the warning message that appeared previously, without having to answer any questions. You simply press “Exit OneDrive” and the program closes, at least until you restart.

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