Microsoft puts an end to one of the worst recent Windows developments

microsoft puts an end to one of the worst recent.jpg
microsoft puts an end to one of the worst recent.jpg

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A few days ago some Windows users encountered a change in the operating system that frayed his nerves. Microsoft had re-implemented a new feature on the platform that immediately caused negative reactions. Now the company explains its reasons after the controversy.

Windows lock screen In recent months, it has become the perfect testing ground for Microsoft to do all the experiments that come to mind. And, at the moment, it does not seem to be getting a good response from users, who in the end always end up criticizing the entity. This is what has happened with the decision they recently made.

A huge QR code

The last thing Microsoft decided to implement on the lock screen was a large QR code that appeared just below the time and date on the calendar. The code, proportionally to the rest of the information or the clock, was big enough enough to catch your attention. In other words: it had become the main element seen in the image, especially because it was right in the center of the screen as can be seen in the image that circulated on Reddit.

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A windows user faced this incident where QR Code appears on lockscreen 💀 .

It looks like a copilot have done something 🤡

March 10, 2024 • 11:02



Luckily, though, the code was not mysterious, but had an explanation underneath it indicating what it corresponded to. Unfortunately, it was not a QR code that really provided something unexpected of value to the user, but rather it was a direct link to the downloading Copilot on mobile.

The text below the code explained that if you downloaded the Microsoft Copilot app, you could save time, learn faster, and make all kinds of creations through AI. Of course, it was noted that it is a free app. But viewed critically, this was an overly aggressive way of trying to get users to download Microsoft’s AI app. Therefore, in the end the company explained itself and the QR code stopped appearing.

What does Microsoft say?

First of all, it must be said that the QR code had begun to appear not only to Windows 11 users, but also to some Windows 10 users. If it was already bad in Windows 11, just imagine that those who continue with the previous version were with another invasive action, it makes us suffer for them. Because lately those who still use Windows 10 They do not stop sending messages to update their operating system or, in this case, download the Copilot app.

A user uses his mobile phone to read a QR code

Also, do not forget that Copilot has already focused exclusively on Windows 11 users, so there was little logic in sending the QR code to Windows 10 users as well. In any case, Microsoft has paused the appearance of the code and has explained the reason why he was using it. Thus, in statements to Windows Latest they have said that they were simply trying to use a way to educate users. They also state, as usual, that they value user experiences and that they are always learning to determine what and for whom is the most valuable thing they can contribute.

Therefore, it is unlikely that lock screen QR code will appear again. The criticism from users has been quite forceful and Microsoft has previously paused other actions that have not ended up returning either. From the perspective that the company is adopting in recent months, overly aggressive advertising initiatives can be seen. It is not the first time that we have encountered advertisements, notifications and other messages distributed in the Windows experience and, at the moment, we cannot remember the moment in which they have not been criticized decisions. But Microsoft continues trying to promote different services or actions, such as the move from Windows 10 to Windows 11 or the adoption, as is the case in this case, of its AI.

Disabling the appearance of curious data on the Windows lock screen

Although that QR code is unlikely to appear again, if you want to prevent your lock screen from filling up with items you don’t care about, just you have to edit the settings. To do this, go to Settings, then look for the Personalization option in the left column and, within it, click on Lock screen. Now choose Image or Slideshow in the first option and uncheck the “Show fun facts, recommendations, tips and more on the lock screen” box. This way you won’t have to worry about these kinds of things anymore.

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