Microsoft pressured to change its mind on Windows 10

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Microsoft played very hard when it announced the Windows 10 end of life. He already imagined that there would be consequences, although possibly, the company offices hoped that, in the end, everything would end up happening. But instead, the entity has been met with a completely opposite reaction.

There are still millions of users, both individuals and businesses, using Windows 10 computers. When Microsoft announced its intentions to turn off the updates tap There was a lot of criticism of this version of the operating system. The pace of updating to Windows 11 is not exactly fast and, in addition, there are a large number of computers that simply do not meet the requirements to make the leap. Therefore, Windows 10 becoming obsolete in 2025 seems too soon.

Microsoft pressured

From the hand of PIRG (Public Interest Research Group), a group that fights for the interests of the public, a petition has been published sent directly to Microsoft in which they ask the company change your decision and maintain support for Windows 10 beyond 2025. To do this, they have put together a series of arguments with which they elevate their reasoning in a really solid way.

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They mainly focus their request on two points: financial and environmental. They warn Microsoft that, with this decision, they will be carrying out one of the most serious obsolescence actions ever seen in the technology sector. Because, with a stroke of a pen, they will be leaving millions of computers useless. Of course, they will continue to work, but they will not receive security updates, new features, nor will they be able to use many tools that will end up requiring the use of Windows 11.

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The message is addressed to Satya Nadella

From the petition they make it clear that there are millions of people who simply cannot afford to buy a new computer. And it is a totally true statement, but, beyond the budget problem, we must also be aware that, except for the operating system, many of these computers they could still work perfectly for several more years. Therefore, it is not a decision that is consequential if you think about the benefit of users who have faithfully used Windows 10 over the years.

In addition to this, they also highlight the serious effect that something like this will have on the environment. If millions of computers become obsolete overnight, many of them will end up in landfills. A percentage of those people who continue to need a computer that receives updates will not hesitate to purchase a new model with the version of Windows that is active at that time. Others will settle and continue without updates or security patches, but those who can afford the change will buy another computer. And the old one, seeing that it will be of no use, will surely go to the trash. Landfills, which are not exactly lacking in technology, will continue to receive more and more polluting products.

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As stated in the message addressed to Satya Nadella, it will be impossible for Microsoft achieve your sustainability quotas if they allow an environmental disaster like this to occur. They warn of how 40% of obsolete equipment could be thrown away and how, at the same time, there would be all types of businesses that depend on these computers, including hospitals, which would be greatly affected.

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What they ask is that you rethink the decision you have made and try to look at the future in a way more consistent with the needs of its clients and society in general. No one was amused that Windows 11 arrives with such high technical requirements, something very different from what happened at the launch of Windows 10. In addition, PIRG remembers that if old versions such as Windows XP received security updates for 13 years , they don’t understand why this can’t also be the case for Windows 10. The petition is online and you can sign it if you want to collaborate with the campaign that is being carried out to make Microsoft think again.

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But will they change their minds? Day by day Microsoft seems very convinced of what your plans and intentions are with the progress of Windows. But it is also true that there is still time for Windows 10 to be disconnected, so as long as there is time, there is hope.