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Microsoft plans to launch the Xbox Games Store iOS in 2024.

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Microsoft has been working on a version of its Xbox Games Store iOS that would be available on Apple’s App Store.

The company is trying to make the most of its gaming platform so that users can access its catalog of games directly from their mobile devices.

Microsoft’s Xbox game store has been a success on its console platform, but the company has been looking for ways to expand its reach in recent years.

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With the growing popularity of mobile devices, launching the Play Store on the iPhone is a logical step for Microsoft.

Is it possible to have an Xbox app store on the iPhone?

In a recent interview, Xbox boss Phil Spencer talked about the new European Union Digital Markets Law that will come into force in 2024 and how this could allow third-party App Store entry on the iPhone.

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Spencer sees this as a great opportunity and wants to offer the Xbox ecosystem on any platform, including mobile devices.

Not currently possible on mobile, Spencer believes a world will be built where mobile is open and Microsoft can easily adapt its Xbox and Game Pass apps to sell games and subscriptions on mobile.

All of this considering that smartphones are the biggest platform that people currently play games on.

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“We want to be able to deliver Xbox and content from both ourselves and our third-party partners to any screen someone wants to play on.Spencer told the Financial Times. “Today, we can’t do that on mobile devices, but we want to build a world that we believe will go wherever those devices open up.”

Microsoft and its problems with the Apple App Store.

The Microsoft company has faced problems in the past with the Apple App Store, since the Cupertino company has strict policies for the applications that are available in its store.

However, Microsoft has been working to comply with these policies and ensure that its play store is compatible with the iPhone.

The company has confirmed that it is in talks with Apple to bring the play store to the App Store.

However, there are no specific details yet on when the Play Store will launch on the iPhone.

Xbox Games Store iOS and some rules.

Currently, Apple’s App Store rules require cloud gaming services to list every game on the store instead of operating from a single app.

Even though cloud gaming is possible on the iPhone through a web browser, rather than a dedicated native app.

By opening its own store, Microsoft would be able to offer its games, apps, and services without the restrictions of the App Store.

Xbox’s Phil Spencer suggests that adapting the Xbox and Game Pass apps to sell games and subscriptions on mobile devices would be “quite trivial“.

However, the ability to offer mobile games depends on Activision Blizzard, and the main titles under the agreement would be “critically important” to drive players away from the App Store.

Benefits offered by Xbox Games Store iOS.

Microsoft’s Xbox Games Store offers a wide range of popular and exclusive games not available on other platforms.

If Microsoft can bring its game store to Apple’s App Store, this would allow iPhone users to access these games on their mobile devices.

In addition, the Xbox Game Store also offers additional features, such as the ability to purchase and download additional content, such as expansions and additional game packs.

It also offers subscription options that allow users to access exclusive games and additional content for a monthly fee.

Launching the Xbox Game Store on the iPhone would also be beneficial for Microsoft, as it would expand its reach to an even broader market of users.

While the company has been successful on its console platform, the majority of gaming users are on mobile.

Therefore, launching the Xbox game store on the Apple App Store would be a great opportunity for Microsoft to reach these users and increase its user base.

Xbox Games Store iOS.

In short, we can say that Microsoft is working on an Xbox for iPhone game store that will be available on the App Store.

Exactly when it will be released is unknown, but this shows that Microsoft wants to expand its presence on mobile devices and improve the gaming experience for its users.

The store could include Xbox-exclusive games and allow streaming. Its arrival would be very beneficial for gamers and could revolutionize the mobile gaming market.

Apple is said to be preparing for the prospect of competing app stores in the future, but is likely to fight the rules or try to delay their implementation.

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