Microsoft Outlook has new options to create events from mobile

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microsoft outlook.jpg

If you use Outlook on your Android mobile, you will find a new update in the app that makes it easier to manage events.

You will no longer need to go to the web version of Microsoft Outlook to organize them into categories or label them, since you will be able to carry out this dynamic from your mobile.

Outlook for Android makes it easy to create and manage events

Beyond having multiple options to organize our emails, Outlook also allows you to take advantage of calendar functions.

However, the Microsoft Outlook app is a bit limited when it comes to creating events, as it doesn’t allow us to categorize them or organize them using tags. A problem that already has a solution in its latest update.

If you install Outlook on your Android mobile or update the app to its latest version, you will see that the color categories for events are now available. So you will be able to label the events so that it is easy for you to follow up.

So you can group the events into categories… family events, work events, events to be confirmed, etc. You can follow the criteria you want to categorize them using the different colors. This will allow you to see at a glance how your calendar is organized.

Although it seems like a small update, it will save you from having to resort to the web version of Outlook to manage events and add them to categories. And this is not the only novelty that Microsoft has dedicated to Outlook.

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Recall that earlier this month, Microsoft launched a light version of its email service with Outlook Lite for Android. An alternative for Android devices with few resources, such as those mobiles with 1 GB of RAM. It can work even on slow internet connections and takes up very little space.

From this Lite version you can access and check all your emails, contacts and calendar. And of course, have most of the options so you don’t have to depend on the web version.