Microsoft Outlook gets optimization to fit in Edge browser sidebar

Microsoft Outlook for the web received an optimization to better adapt and fit in Edge’s sidebar feature. The company has been looking for the last few weeks enhance the display of applications in the browser.

The web version of the email service Outlook been available in the Edge Sidebar for some time, but it has been optimized to fit the sidebar panel and make the tool easier to see and use.

Before this optimization, users had to scroll horizontally and vertically to see the entire page, making the experience quite inconvenient when using Microsoft’s own browser email service.

Microsoft Outlook in Edge sidebar is now similar to the Windows app experience. The only big difference is that the user cannot add multiple accounts if they have the latest version of the email client.

The expectation is that the feature of support for multiple Outlook accounts will reach the Edge sidebar in the coming days. It is worth noting that the sidebar feature is only available to users of the browser’s Dev and Canary channels.

The sidebar, recently introduced to the publicis one of the most talked about features in Microsoft’s browser as it allows users to launch useful applications like Outlook for example without leaving their current tab.

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