Microsoft Outlook for iOS gains in new voice capabilities

outlookmobile 730x391.jpg
outlookmobile 730x391.jpg

We are heading towards a hybrid productivity model, combining productivity in the workplace with remote work and full mobility. To facilitate the work of all those who work in full mobility through their mobile devices, Microsoft is beginning to bring new voice capabilities to the Outlook mobile app for iOS powered by Cortana, the virtual assistant that the company is positioning as a productivity assistant.

The only voice capability available to date in the Outlook mobile app is in the Play My Emails feature. New capabilities will feature full Microsoft Graph integration, and will allow the writing of e-mails, the scheduling of appointments and meetings, and even the carrying out of searches, all through voice requests.

Microsoft understands that the screen sizes of mobile devices, including also the area covered by virtual keyboards, do not invite effective productivity similar to that of desktop computers, being the voice the alternative to be able to carry out all these actions in a much more effective way, above all, although the increase in digital workload that has been taking place in recent times.

With today’s announcement, Users will soon find a plus sign for voice mode activation. By doing this, they can ask questions like “When is my next team meeting?”, Write email messages with attachments, and more.

All these new capabilities will also be coming to Android devices soon, although at the moment there is no clearer time for their launch. In any case, according to Microsoft:

These new AI-enhanced voice capabilities quickly contextualize your voice requests and provide quick response, making it easier and more natural to work on the go.

On the other hand, Microsoft is launching a Scheduling service in Microsoft 365, which administrators will be able to activate to serve as a backup so that users can use Cortana to help them with meeting scheduling.

Basically it is a service that organizations will have to purchase separately, activating it through a PowerShell command, enables the creation and configuration of an email mailbox where all the processing of meeting requests will be carried out, the service having a cost of $ 10 per user / month if paid annually, although its monthly cost reaches $ 12 per user / month, coming as a complement to most Microsoft 365 plans.