Microsoft officially presents its new Xbox Series S, the ‘next-gen’ trimmed

It seems like a lie, but we are less than two months away from the arrival of the new generation of consoles and both Sony and Microsoft are still playing cat and mouse with price and release date. To this day, no one can firmly state which days in November will be chosen for the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X or how much they will cost us.

It must have been the leaks published in recent days that have pushed the Redmond to have to officially announce what will be the lite version, trimmed and smaller than the Xbox Series X. It is an Xbox Series S that repeats the white color of the Xbox One S launched in August 2016, and maintains the same philosophy of offering a trimmed experience compared to the more powerful model and higher, the X.

Cheaper and less powerful

The truth is the announcement has surprised everyone because it happened suddenly, without prior notice, and which makes it clear that the new generation will have two speeds: one, the one with the highest power, will be the one that corresponds to the Xbox Series X and another, the most discreet, for this Xbox Series S. A console It is surprising for its size, 60% of that of the Xbox Series X, and that it locates its ventilation grille on the side (or top, as it is placed), in addition to leaving behind the physical format to support only digital games.

Let’s make it official! Xbox Series S | Next-gen performance on the smallest Xbox ever. 299 EUROS. We are looking forward to sharing more! Soon. Promised.

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– Xbox Spain (@Xbox_Spain) September 8, 2020

That is the key to the new consoles, which Both Sony and Microsoft will offer cheaper alternatives without blu-ray readers. Of course, it remains to be seen that in the case of the Japanese, their machine will also cut its graphics power somewhat: Xbox Series S will have the same chip as in the case of the Xbox Series X but its GPU will be one notch below. Detail that is very important.

Xbox Series S hardware specifications.

Undoubtedly, this move by Microsoft, which will place its console in the price range of 300 euros, puts Sony in the position to respond to avoid a flight of users towards the Game Pass business model of the North Americans, with a console that from day one will offer more than 100 free games through its flat fee, some of them optimized for the next-gen and promising a Full backward compatibility with most Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One releases. The release date? Some sources place it for November 10 but we will have to wait.