Microsoft Office now lets you collaborate on sensitive files from iOS and Android

Microsoft is updating the Office app for iOS and Android with a new dynamic for working with files collaboratively.

A new option for those companies that opt ​​for a hybrid work model, and that can be used in both Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Office improves file editing on iOS and Android

Microsoft wants to make it easier for users to do teamwork and accomplish their business activities when they’re on mobile or working from a tablet.

And to that end, it’s updating the Office app on iOS and Android so users can work on sensitive files when they’re on a mobile device.

Co-authoring on documents protected with Microsoft Purview Information Protection is now generally available for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Office Mobile apps on Android and iOS devices.

Remember that Windows Information Protection (WIP) is a Microsoft technology that allows you to classify and protect the confidential information of companies. And with this new update to the Office app, documents encrypted with this dynamic can be opened and edited by different users simultaneously from a mobile device.

For example, users who are on the go often prefer to work on their iPads or Android tablets on shared documents or files. So this update will save you from having to wait to get home or to the office to complete a task from the desktop version of Office or from the web version.

One detail to keep in mind is that this function will depend on the administrator enabling it in the company account settings. Once activated, the feature will automatically begin rolling out to all versions of Office.

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You can see details of this function and how to use it in the report shared by the Microsoft app team at this link.