Microsoft mistakenly releases the new OneDrive for Windows 11

OneDrive windows 11
OneDrive windows 11

The Redmond giant is working on a new OneDrive client for Windows 11, and no, this is not a small revision, we are facing a total renovation, since this new application has been totally redone from scratchand represents the most important update since said cloud storage service hit the market.

Despite the undoubted importance of this new version of OneDrive for Windows 11, and that therefore it should be “locked” until the time of its release, Microsoft has released it by mistake this weekend. From what we have seen, with this new OneDrive client, the Redmond giant has adopted the basics of the Windows 11 WinUI interfaceso much so that the application looks very similar to the configuration section of Windows 11, as we can see in the attached images.

There is no doubt that at the interface level the new OneDrive is intuitive and easy to use. At the bottom we can see the used and available storage, and in the left half we have different sections like “sync and backup”, management of our account, notifications and general information. Overall, I think Microsoft has done a good job with the new OneDrive interface.

OneDrive Windows 11

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It is important that you bear in mind that this new OneDrive client for Windows 11 has not yet been officially released, that is, it does not have a public version and that, when it arrives, will do it in “preview” version, so it’s still a while before we have a fully finished version between us. If you decide to try the version that was accidentally leaked over the weekend, be aware that it could have unresolved issues, bugs, and glitches (although these should be minor) and also could cause instability since it is not finished.

Remember that just by creating an account in OneDrive you will get 5 GB of free cloud space. I know that, for these times, this amount is insufficient for most users, but if we manage it well, we can use it to make backup copies of our photos and favorite files without spending a penny.

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