Microsoft lets you share Bing chatbot responses with others

chatbot de bing.jpg
chatbot de bing.jpg

We have become accustomed to the regular updates that the Microsoft team usually releases to improve the experience provided by the Bing chatbot. And this week has not been the exception.

Microsoft published a small change that we will find in the chatbot, and that will allow you to share its responses with your friends or followers on social networks.

How to share Bing chatbot responses with others

Since Microsoft introduced the new Bing, we have seen a number of updates to the chatbot. For example, an increase in the limit of turns per user, the integration of the Bing chatbot in a Microsoft Edge sidebar, different conversation modes, among many other options.

And now it adds the possibility of sharing the Bing response on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or via email. Or you can just choose the “Get a link” option to share it on any social network or app. For example, if you want to share a response from the Bing chatbot with your work team in Slack, or with a friend in WhatsApp, etc.

And of course, it also offers the option to copy the text to save it in your notes or share it with others in this direct way. In this case, you will see that each of the references (marked by numbers) are automatically added to the copy. So you won’t have to manually embed each link after pasting the text.

Although it is a small update, it can be useful if you have taken the Bing chatbot as a work or research tool, since it will allow you to easily share important points with other users.

To see these options that allow you to “share responses” with others, simply hover your mouse over the Bing chatbot response to bring up a floating menu.