Microsoft kills another of the classic Windows tools

microsoft kills another of the classic windows tools.jpg
microsoft kills another of the classic windows tools.jpg

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The most classic Windows programs continue to disappear at the hands of Microsoft. The entity has just announced that another of these legendary tools will no longer be available. Times change and it doesn’t seem like anyone is safe, not even the most veteran software.

At this rate, Microsoft tools will be able to say “There can only be one left.” Because the company does not stop stopping programs that had been available for decades. This time it is the turn of one of the software that is part of Microsoft 365.

There is still time to use it

The tool is Microsoft Publisher and, the only good news, what we can tell you is that its disappearance date is not scheduled. until October 2026. Therefore, there is still a long period of time during which it will be possible to take advantage.

Microsoft Publisher program interface


Of course, it is unlikely that Microsoft will change its mind even if the use of the program increases in these years. Furthermore, it is most likely that users who still use it are already looking for alternatives to “move out” before the indicated date arrives, so there is not much hope for salvation. At this time, Microsoft Publisher is already 33 years old, since its origin occurred in the distant year 1991.

Microsoft explains itself

It seems that Microsoft Publisher is no longer part of the company’s plans, but they say from the entity that they are exploring more modern options that allow them to use a system like Publisher in other programs that will continue to be available, such as Word, PowerPoint or Designer. Therefore, they are aware that they are making a decision that may not be to the liking of all users.

What has not been specified is the process with which the program will be removed, since we assume that there will be a certain period to transfer projects. Yes, at least the specific date of October 2026 on which the disappearance will occur has been indicated: the 13th. In addition to this, the message that Microsoft has sent regarding the end of the service has begun to circulate on social networks. from Publisher.

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RIP Publisher. I shall actually miss you as I eventually move in with your ex, Word.

@thurrott @maryjofoley

February 16, 2024 • 1:32 p.m.


The message makes it clear that the tool will disappear from Office 365, but until then, support and service will continue to be available in the same way. In October 2026 they mention that support for Office LTSC 2021 will end, so will mark the end of Publisher. They also indicate that users do not have to do anything beyond preparing, since if they give so much notice it is for that very reason. However, the question remains whether, after October 2026, Publisher can still be used at a lower level in some way. Microsoft is expected to clarify the situation in the coming months so that users will better understand how Publisher will disappear.

With this next elimination, what is clear is that the digital graveyard of Microsoft products continues to grow. If you are a Windows enthusiast, you surely know that there are different web pages that are dedicated to listing the different products and tools that Microsoft is making obsolete throughout its history. And lately the list is growing considerably. They recently killed WordPad in one of the most unexpected decisions ever, and in recent years they’ve also killed off Cortana, Silverlight, Windows Phone, and we even know when Windows 10 support will end.

Different options available in the Microsoft Publisher tool

Although it is the law of life in the technological market, you also have to be fair and say that Microsoft has given second chances and has even saved programs that seemed destined to burn. Thus, you only have to look at what has happened with Paint to see that it is never too late to succeed again and be relevant. But in this case, it is unlikely to happen with Microsoft Publisher.



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