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Microsoft is starting to allow access to the new Bing anonymously

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There is no doubt that Microsoft has seen a huge gold mine in Generative Artificial Intelligence that is not going to let go easily, integrating it into many of its products in the wake of the arrival of the new AI-powered Bing, and will even try to change the things in their favor and to the detriment of their most direct competition.

Throughout these days we are seeing new announcements about the improvements and new integrations of Bing Chat, including the new widget that is coming for users of Android and iOS devices, improvements in its interface and transfer of these and other news in its integration in SwiftKey and Edge, and more.

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The new Bing reaching more people

But there is one aspect that has gone largely unnoticed, and that is that Microsoft is beginning to make it possible to use the new AI-powered Bing even without the need for a Microsoft account, although with a more limited experience.

Yesterday Tuesday, Michael Schechter, vice president of Microsoft’s Bing group, said at the last minute on his Twitter profile that:

As some of you may have noticed, we started rolling out unauthenticated chat access to Bing. Seeing only 5 chat turns per session? Sign up to have longer conversations.

With a higher limit with respect to those who access with a Microsoft account

Users who access with a Microsoft account will have up to 20 chat turns per session, which will allow them longer conversations in which they can delve into the topics in which they are interested, although this number may increase over time. , as they came to promise at the time when they had to set limits to avoid hallucinations and other bad experiences.

To all this, in recent dizzying months we have seen how first Microsoft and then Google have been eliminating the waiting list in their respective products, Bing Chat and Google Bard, in addition to the continuous improvements that both services have been receiving.

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Microsoft’s strategy will make it possible to reach a greater number of users, who without the need for an account or login, will already be able to have their first experiences with the new AI-powered Bing, benefiting the service itself by being able to be in the hands of more people and With this, it can be perfected in order to increase the turns per session later on.

Via: Neowin

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