Microsoft is considering forcing you to use Copilot even if you don’t want to

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What if Microsoft comes up with an idea as crazy as remove the home button and replace it with the mandatory use of Copilot? Sounds crazy, right? Well get ready, because this could be one of the new features introduced with the release of Windows 12 next year 2024.

To reach the conclusion of what could happen with Copilot in the next version of Windows, the latest statements made by Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, have been taken as a basis. In a conversation he had with Cristiano Amon, from Qualcomm, The following statement has transcended: «Copilot is like the Home button». With just those words, the sector, both professionals and users, has gone into panic. Will it be a small preview of what you have planned for the future?

It’s possible?

If possible. On different occasions, Microsoft has shown that it has grown tired of the Start button and is looking for a new meaning that can change the way we use our computer. For now, it has tried a few ideas, but none of them have caught on with users. A priori, just imagining that they can change Home for Copilot makes us think of another failure, but this does not mean that they have no intention of at least trying it.

Copilot logo on Windows

On the other hand, think that, in Windows 11, the Copilot button It is already close to the start. It wouldn’t be so strange if, in the end, it ended up displacing it and it became the “starting” point that users would have with the Microsoft operating system. And, although Copilot is not currently available in our country, remember that it will end up arriving in 2024, so we would surely not be spared from this change.

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Microsoft seems to have it clear

The most worrying thing of all is the insistence that Microsoft is putting on expanding the availability of Copilot and gaining greater relevance within the user experience with the operating system. Nadella says that their objective is for Copilot become your master of ceremonies, in your ideal system so that you can have control over your entire computer in a more comfortable and efficient way. He gives the example of how, Copilot, would open the applications you need depending on the interest you show in one topic or another. That would make the use of Windows 12 much more dynamic, you could save time and have a user experience that differs drastically from the use we have made of the computer for years.

Computer with Windows 11 system

But is it what users want? That would end up being the most important question that Microsoft would have to investigate, because given what has been seen, there are many people who are not open to the idea of ​​change and who may end up looking for alternatives to Windows. Although Copilot has been received as a useful tool that is more optimized than could have been imagined at first, it still does not seem like a very attractive proposition to introduce it as a new Home button. The change would be so drastic that a large number of people would find themselves lost and with serious difficulties in continuing to use their computer.

Another thing is if we were talking about choosing between one option or another. That is, Copilot is even incorporated by default as the new Home button, but the system have your own menu of options where it is possible to change it to recover the classic method. That would help, at least, so that users who cannot get used to the new system do not cry out loud. And from there, Microsoft could analyze statistics on how many people use each of its modes. Based on that, who knows if for Windows 13, they would already know that a complete change would be welcome. But, today, the idea sounds too risky.

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