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Microsoft improves its search engine with a function for online purchases

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Microsoft Bing is getting ahead of Christmas shopping with a new feature added to the search engine.

So if you are looking for ideas for your Christmas gift list, you can use the new dynamics of the search engine to facilitate the process. We tell you what it is about.

Microsoft Bing makes Christmas shopping easier with this feature

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Microsoft’s web browser already has several functions dedicated to online shopping. For example, thanks to the integration of Shopify, the user can see options, like a carousel, from different online stores in the search results.

And now it adds a new option that simplifies the task of finding the perfect gift, whether it is as part of Christmas shopping, a gift for a friend or a birthday present. To that end, Bing now displays a new dynamic when searching for “gift ideas” or Christmas shopping.

So that you don’t waste time browsing through hundreds of results, Bing will give you extra help: categories. For example, if you try searching for “gift ideas” you will see that a series of categories are now displayed so that you can go to the type of gift that you are interested in researching on the web.

For example, you will find “mobile accessories”, “ecological”, “for pets”, “for adventurers”, among other options. And once you choose a category you will find a set of subcategories to continue filtering the content.

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If you chose “gifts for adventurers” you will see subcategories like “tents”, “shoes”, “trekking backpack”, etc. In other words, it directs you in the search so that you don’t get lost among thousands of results that will be irrelevant to you.

And the same dynamic applies with “Christmas shopping”. You will see categories such as “trees”, “ornaments”, “crowns”, “toys”, among other possibilities. Or you can use the categories that allow you to filter by age, for example, “2-5 years old”, “6-9 years old”, etc.

So if you’re already preparing your Christmas gift list and don’t know where to start, you can use these Bing categories to simplify the task.

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