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Microsoft improves display of web apps in Edge to take advantage of window spaces

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Microsoft is trying to improve the way web apps are displayed in Edge. The intention is to make the applications look more like the ones that run natively. This is yet another company that is looking for ways to improve the experience with these apps, something that Google is also already implementing in Chrome.

In this case, the company’s idea is to improve the use of space for programs running in the browser. That is, the idea is that they are shown occupying almost the entire screen instead of being inside the browser window. This makes developers use regions to add extra menus or features.

This means that the developer can make use of the Web App Manifest to take advantage of these spaces. The use of CSS variables will also be necessary in order to prevent web applications from showing elements in window control buttons in the operating system.

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In general, as there are differences between the windows depending on the OS adopted, the user must adopt different numbers in each variable. It is worth mentioning that this is another novelty that Edge should show soon, which should join other attributes such as the possibility of blocking ads, something already present in the canary version of Microsoft’s browser.

The measure had already been mentioned before by the company and several other browsers worked with it. Some examples are Opera from version 91 and Chrome itself, from 105 onwards. Firefox should be one of the next to adopt this idea.

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