Microsoft feels pressured and responds to the latest controversy about Windows

microsoft feels pressured and responds to the latest controversy about.jpg
microsoft feels pressured and responds to the latest controversy about.jpg

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The success of Windows has consequences, like all the decisions that Microsoft makes are always in the spotlight. A few days ago, the company announced something that generated an improvable reception and, in the end, possibly the pressure has been so intense that they have had to respond.



Microsoft recently announced with great fanfare that it had decided to introduce a change in windows keyboard layout. It involved the incorporation of a specific key dedicated to Copilot, his artificial intelligence. Considering that the keyboard hadn’t changed in decades, it was quite shocking. But it also generated some criticism.

Copilot key in Europe?

The first thing that came to mind for many of us Windows users was the same: Why do we want a new keyboard with a key that, for now, we will not be able to use? Because the thing is that we still don’t have access to Copilot no matter how much they continue to delay us. And it is not that Microsoft ignored the era of the new keyboard in Europe, but, as could be seen on social networks, they announced it in the same way.

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Microsoft Spain


Introducing a new Copilot key to kick off the year of #AI Windows PCs.

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January 14, 2024 • 13:02


On the other hand, the bad thing was not only seeing how surreal it was that they announced in Europe the change of keyboard to add a key that will not work (for now). It was also a problem to think about whether Microsoft had thought through what it was doing. Because, although AI is seen as the technological panacea, so far the voices that come from countries where Copilot is available are not exactly enthusiastic about the use of this assistant. ¿It was really necessary so much fuss about changing the keyboard?

Microsoft responds



It has not been with an official statement, but in Germany the company has responded to the concerns of Martin Geuß, a Dr. Windows specialist, who has written to them and who has raised their doubts. Doubts that are easy to agree with, such as knowing what the Copilot key will be used for when the new keyboards arrive on European territory.

The mystery is resolved in a way that, in any case, does not leave us very satisfied. The company says that, in case you have a keyboard with this new key, if Copilot is not available in your region or is disabled by law, what clicking on it will open Windows Search. That is the solution that Microsoft has found to get by and, at least, you don’t have a new key that is useless.

Microsoft Copilot Start Menu

The important thing here would be, in any case, for the company to launch Copilot in Europe once and for all and thus end the drama. But when this same specialist asks him about it, the company gives him the standard answer we have already read On other occasions: “We are working to get the function in line with European regulations.” That means that, at the moment, there is no date for its arrival and that, possibly, it will not be a matter of a few weeks.

Another of the existing doubts about the keyboard controversy was whether Microsoft had decided on a specific position in the layout of the keys for Copilot or if manufacturers would have freedom. And, although Microsoft responds that “the location of the Copilot key varies depending on the manufacturer,” it also mentions that it is “generally” located to the right of the space, in front of the Windows key. Going a little deeper, the company says that the new key replaces the right CTRL except in cases where the keyboards are large and have space for both keys. They also indicate that, in other cases, the Copilot key is combined with the Menu key (although its main use will be as Copilot and the Menu key will be used with Fn).

Image of Copilot indicating that it is a new way of working

The reality is that the keyboard change project continues generating somewhat irregular vibrations, either because of the cases in which a key is going to be eliminated or because of the little use it could have in our market until Copilot is present. He is also worried about imagining that manufacturers start launching their new keyboards and that, in five years, Copilot ends up disappearing. It wouldn’t be the first time something similar has happened with a new technology (hello, Cortana, wherever you are).



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