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Microsoft Edge tests a new option so you don’t lose the topics that interest you

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Microsoft Edge is extending the dynamics of one of its latest features. An option that allows us to follow creators and websites so as not to miss their updates.

Without the need for third-party tools, it gives us the option to configure the browser so as not to miss the topics and articles that interest us while we browse the web.

New Microsoft Edge option to follow the topics that interest us

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One of the features that Microsoft added to Edge this year is the one that allows us to “Follow a creator”. An option that is automatically activated when we enter platforms like YouTube.

For example, when we open a channel or play a video, the option to “Follow a creator” is automatically added to the browser bar. If we use it, we will be able to follow all your updates even if we are not subscribers to the channel.

Microsoft wants to repeat this same dynamic with news websites. That is, it will allow you to follow news sources directly from the browser so that you don’t miss any of their articles.

And the system is the same. You just have to click on the “Follow this creator” option from the browser bar for this dynamic to be implemented. The only condition is that you are logged in with your Microsoft account.

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All that remains is to open the sidebar of the web browser to see the section dedicated to this function, divided into two columns. In the first you will find the “Recent Posts” with all the updates of the sites, and in the second, the list of the creators you follow.

Yes, it works like any subscription system. And of course, you can unfollow any medium or creator at any time. One detail to keep in mind is that the option to apply “Follow a creator” on news sites is not yet available in the stable version of Edge, since it is being tested in the Canary version.

So we will have to wait for Microsoft to release a web browser update to see this new dynamic at work.

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