Microsoft Edge, open slots for Beta testing on iPhone and iPad

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1679128868 1085374.jpeg

There are gods open slots for Microsoft Edge Beta testing on iPhone and iPad: you should act quickly if you are interested, because they usually do not last long. You must download the TestFlight app on the affected device, provided it is supported, and then sign up for the test program by heading to THIS page directly from the device.

Generally Edge can be tested freely and unlimitedly on all other platforms, both mobile and desktop, but those of Apple the rules are different – and because of Apple itself. The company has determined that there can’t be more than 10,000 active testers for any one app, and as it is easy to imagine for a rather popular software from one of the largest companies in the world it is destined to collect them rather quickly. But a couple of days ago Microsoft itself signaled the opening of a few slots, although the precise figure has not been disclosed, and it seems that, at least at the time of writing, there are still some available.

It must be said so far Microsoft has focused more on the desktop side of your browser than on the mobile one: regular updates, but functional innovations are rather sip. It must be said that Microsoft is not directly present in the mobile world – it relies on Android, of course, but it is different from having its own leading platform.

The step could change if Apple decides, as some rumors would have it, to open its mobile operating systems to third-party engines. For the uninitiated, all browsers (but more generally all apps that load web pages) for iPad and iPhone are forced to use the same WebKit as Safari. It also applies to Chrome and Edge, which are based on the Chromium engine also developed by Google.

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